All of this amidst an environment inviting of leashed-dog walkers on a daily basis, makes quite a fitting place of rest for our beloved pets.  

Whether you are a veterinarian caring for your clientele's patients, or a pet owner in need of our services, consider Riverside Cemetery for your pet.  

You will always have peace of mind knowing their lot is cared for
and where you have a place to visit.

A Certified Wildlife Habitat

One of the important goals which the Executive Directors of Riverside Cemetery maintain is to keep the cemetery as natural and as inviting of nature as possible.  

To that end we maintain our certification as a Wildlife Habitat.  With 60 acres of trees and woods and the adjacent river, though surrounded by suburban/urban neighborhood, we have become an oasis for birds and animals of all kinds.  

You may even meet Benjamin, a particularly friendly though wild Tom-Turkey.  He has an injured foot which caused his banishment from his flock.  But he has made the cemetery his home and patrols our acreage in his solitary life which suits him. Please, do not feed Benjamin as his diet is specific. 


Call for assistance:

 203-847-7422 ​

We are open:

Mon-Fri    9:00 - 4:00.

GPS & Mailing Address:

 81 Riverside Ave. ​

Norwalk, CT  06850