GPS & Mailing Address:

 81 Riverside Ave. ​

Norwalk, CT  06850


Call for assistance:

 203-847-7422 ​

We are open:

Mon-Fri    9:00 - 4:00.

President /Treasurer & Executive Director -

Michael Purdy -

Vice Treasurer and Executive Director -

Peter Bertine - 

Grounds Manager

James Henry

General Manager

Shelly Timber

Shelly came on board Riverside Cemetery's team in August of 2012.  She had been an ordained member, earned a Masters Degree in 1995, a commercial pilot's license & instrument rating in 1985 (too long ago to count), and brings to the Riverside experience a 20 year career in helping families cope with the challenges and tragedies of life. Her hobbies include music, fiber arts, sculpting and the craft of soap making.

Attorney  & Executive Director - 

Jay Dulberg - 

Cemeterian Staff

Jerry Sellers - 

James "Duke" Void - 



Christine Purdy

CEO, Secretary  & Executive Director - 

​John Hufnagel -