Policy on Filming

Private individuals are welcome to take photographs at the cemetery for personal, non-commercial, non-resale use, once they obtain a free permit from our cemetery office.  A photo ID is required.  Take care to not include the appearance of engraved family names on film.  Video filming is not permitted.

Professional Film Makers

The beauty of our cemetery sometimes attracts professional film makers.

We regret to inform professional film makers that because our experience has been...

  • Large numbers of equipment, cast and crew cause unsightly and expensive turf damage;
  • Film direction requires a necessary level of noise that is disruptive to the contemplative nature of the cemetery;
  • There is the risk of familys' stonework becoming damaged;
  • The congestion on cemetery roads, and noise/sound issues will disrupt cemetery life for our patrons and neighbors;
  • The urgency of burial scheduling and film scheduling usually will conflict;  

Therefore, it is the cemetery policy to not allow professional film making (which is unrelated to our own marketing) on the premises.  If you feel there is reason for an exception please ask to speak to the Cemetery General Manager.

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