Policies Regarding Lot and Plot Sales

Certain policies regarding the sale of Lots (single graves) and Plots (multiple graves as a unit) are important to keep in mind.  It begins by understanding that while your needs may be immediate, or for your current generation, the purchase you make will stretch far into the future for many generations to come.  You are purchasing a "forever" place. Because of this, the Cemetery must carefully manage the policies and documents that relate to your purchase.  The following are a helpful sampling of such policies:

  • Any immediate-need new purchase of a Lot or Plot must be paid in full 2 business days following scheduling / or 48 hours prior to burial, whichever comes first.  This will include two costs:  the grave space and the "opening". (Of course, if the grave space is already owned, the above applies to the cost of the opening only.)  There are no exceptions unless the new purchase has already been paid and documented through the funeral home to be registered with the cemetery the day of the burial.  A Saturday burial fee will also apply though is avoidable with a weekday burial date.

  • The purchase of any Lot or Plot will result in a "deed" given to the purchaser. This does not represent an ownership of real estate property, which is retained by the Riverside Cemetery Association, but an ownership of the right to bury and memorialize therein, and is governed by the cemetery's by-laws and regulations and those of the state of CT. All other policies and rules/regulations will also apply.

  • An owner who has not used their Lot or Plot and wishes to relinquish their ownership may apply to do so at the Cemetery office.  Re-Sale to any party other than Riverside Cemetery Association is strictly prohibited.  Transfer of ownership may take place between family members within certain guidelines and only when handled through the Cemetery office.  If approved at the discretion of the Cemetery, a Re-Sale to Riverside Cemetery Association will always be for the original purchase price.

  • Later generations who find themselves in possession of an original "deed" document and/or have a family "verbal" understanding of the handing down of grave space, should understand that such does not constitute a transfer of ownership to them. Ownership is dictated by Connecticut Property Law which outlines the succession of ownership when written instructions by the legal owner are not available.  These details are available at the Cemetery office.  

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