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Here at Riverside we're committed to serving the whole family.  For a growing number of people that means providing a fitting final resting place for their "other" family member.  No longer is the back yard suitable given how often our jobs and our addresses can change.  

Today, as families get smaller and more people are living alone, our bonds with our four footed friends - or feathered or scaled friends too - has grown significantly deep and strong.  When a pet dies, we grieve equally as we would the loss of any life-changing companion or family member.

Whether you need the rental use of our chapel to hold a family memorial service, or the help of our trained officient, a hand-crafted pet shroud, a manufactured casket, a marker stone, or if you desire a private family burial, dignified but simple, Riverside stands ready to offer our services with a set of varied options for you to select from.  


Our Community Pet Ossuary will be an affordable and beautiful way to lay your pet-friend's ashes to rest in a quietly beautiful area of the cemetery.