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Some helpful terminology

Casket - a sturdy sealed box to contain a body for burial.  Usually ornate.

Coffin - the same as a casket. Usually used to reference a simpler wood box.

Columnbarium - a multiple-compartment structure meant for cremation burials,

          with individual niche spaces aligned in columns.  Usually made of granite

          and decorative.  Rests above ground.

Cremation - a process whereby a deceased individual's remains are reduced to

          "ashes" - which are in all cases made up of only bone particles.  

          Technically this term refers to the oven - or burning - method.  However,

          other methods are also possible and for clarity of explanation often use

          the same term.

Crypt - A constructed burial chamber usually intended to entomb a casket.  

          Sometimes refers to an underground chamber containing several or many

          burials.  In reference to a modern mausoleum, each crypt contains only

          one burial.  (The mausoleum may contain many or a few crypts.)

Disinterment - To remove a previous burial.

Interment - A burial.  (to inter = to bury)

​Liner - Similar to a vault for burial purposes to encase a casket, but is made of

          thinner concrete, and not structurally intended to be moved.

Mausoleum - a large or stately building or tomb housing two or several above

          ground crypt or niche burials.  Mausoleums may be private or communal.

Niche - An individual compartment meant to house one or a small number of

          cremation urns or boxes.  Once sealed is considered a burial.  Rests above

          ground, indoors or outdoors. 

Officiant - typically a rabbi, minister, or priest, but generally is one who is trained

          to officiate or lead a service.  In the case of a funeral, the officient often is

          not required to be ordained, though is trained.  Some states may vary. 

Ossuary - A housing or containment specifically for the communal burial of bones

          or cremated ashes of the deceased. 

Pallbearer - one called upon to help carry the casket at a funeral.  (A "pall" is a

          term for the cloth that can cover a casket.)

Plot - Two or more grave spaces, positioned together as a unit.

Repass - the gathering that occurs directly after a burial or burial ceremony.  Is

          often held at the family's home.  In modern times it often includes a meal

          and can be held anywhere the family and guests can comfortably gather.

Shroud - A length of cloth or enveloping garment in which a body is wrapped for

           burial.  Often it's purpose is to conceal from view, tightly swaddle and

           contain, and has handles for carrying.  Often used in place of a coffin in

           an eco-friendly "green" burial.

Wake - Today it is synonymous with "viewing" held at the funeral home prior to

          the funeral as a social gathering around the family and the

          deceased. Traditionally it was held in the deceased's home while the body

          was present. 

Vault - A sturdy metal or concrete housing to secure something of value.  In

          burial terms, a vault is the outer housing for a casket and is usually of

          substantial strength should a burial ever need to be moved.