Family Heirs

Grave ownership lasts a very long time as the grave space will never disappear. 

The owner of a grave space needs to consider who will have the authority to decide on burials therein once they are themselves laid to rest.  This kind of information should be given to the Cemetery office where it can be recorded; a simple process which can be updated or changed at will at any time by the owner.  

Every full size grave space (except pet plots) at Riverside Cemetery allows for one casket burial and in addition two cremation burials layered atop (some designated lots allow for only cremation burials).  Given this information, we recommend that families limit grave ownership (names listed on the deed) to one individual, thereby lessening the confusion for the generations to come.  

When the time is right for you, stop in to the Cemetery office.  We'll be glad to answer your questions and help you establish your heir-record with us.

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