Decorating A Grave

A grave provides a memorial.  Yet is not a shrine.

We know this, but the heart often feels compelled to make a grave appear full of the life of the person it memorializes.  And so we decorate.  Sometimes simply and tastefully, sometimes with much more fervor.  

As a cemetery of well over 22,000 burials there are bound to be misunderstandings about what is and is not permissible at your loved one's grave.  Please consider the following:

  • The cemetery is somewhat like a homeowners association where we must outline what can and cannot be allowed on grave sites.  
  • Riverside seeks to be kept "natural."  Artificial and excessive decorations interfere with that goal.  
  • Leaves blown at high speeds, fast moving wide mowers, and heavy excavating equipment means decorations must be kept to a minimum and kept within 12 inches from the stone.  
  • No balloons, no spinwheels and no wood upright crosses or structures are permitted.
  • Fall leaf removal requires all movable decorations to be taken up.  Otherwise, they risk becoming damaged, become unsightly, or may have to be removed by the cemetery.

Thank you for understanding that our requirements are not meant disrespectfully but are necessary to provide a respectful 50 acre place for ALL our families.

Please check our outdoor bulletin board for seasonal schedules.

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