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It is not possible

for pets (ashes or otherwise) to be buried with their human family members. Nearby Pet-Sections are available. 

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In Ground

Here at Riverside Cemetery, we offer 3-ft by 3-ft lots specifically for cremation burials in ground.  Each lot will accommodate two cremation burials as well as possibly two flat marker memorial stones.  For those planning for their final disposition to be cremation, we have found many couples choosing this companion-cremation lot to be a perfect solution. 

The cemetery has several sections devoted to cremation lots only.  However, families already owning full-size grave sites will have the option to include up to two cremation burials in each individual grave in addition to the casket burial therin.  

When gathered at the graveside, our grounds staff will wait at a distance for the family to depart before they complete the burial.  However, if the family desires, they may wave to our staff to come and carry out the burial in the family's presence.  The family may also participate if they wish by laying the cremation urn or box into the grave themselves.  This is entirely an individual decision.  Often the intimacy of a cremation lends itself to a more relaxed ability to participate.  To complete the burial, the grounds staff member will need to compress the soil by stepping on the surface.  This is not a disrespectful act but one of necessity so that the sod may grow back.  The family may even participate. Such is the simplicity of a cremation burial.

Whatever a family selects, their decisions are always respected and considered the best choice for them.  So that each family can be fully informed, it is particularly helpful for those who live long distances to know that a cremation burial, above or below ground, allows for:  a dignified but relaxed process, time to gather family at their own convenience, and simplicity of transportation particularly if not local. Further, when a family cannot gather together until a later date, it is possible for the loved one's ashes to be shipped to Riverside Cemetery with written instructions to carryout a "direct burial" upon arrival.  The family can then gather graveside at a later date to honor their loved one when it is possible for them to do so.