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Families and Patrons of our cemetery can expect there to be guidelines and limitations to the allowance of decorations placed upon graves.  One such limitation is that decorations must be removed periodically to maintain the fresh and seasonally appropriate appearance and to allow our grounds cemeterians to do their jobs.

These are the calandar dates for removal of holiday decorations:

  • Christmas (winter holiday) decor is to be removed by January 15th.  
  • Easter related decor including all Palm Crosses are to be removed by the 4th week following Easter.
  • Fall Leaf-Cleanup commences mid-October - dates may vary and the cleanup effort will occur multiple times in the season, depending on each seasons effect.
  • Further, all other decorations at grave sites shall reflect changing seasonal appearances as appropriate. 

Specific dates shall be displayed on site at the cemetery entrance.

Families should plan to remove their decor prior to the dates posted.

The cemetery personnel shall remove all holiday decorations thereafter which will be disposed of.  Exceptions will be made when familiescall in advance requesting staff retain such removed decor from their gravesite for family retrieval within one week of request.


Decoration Removal Schedule


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