Pet Burial Options

Riverside Cemetery may be a Human-Mostly Cemetery but we have recognized and provided for the enormous need for the burial of beloved pets.  We are providing a beautiful symbiosis whereby individuals or families may have their ENTIRE family's burial needs taken care of all at the same cemetery.

For those seeking a fitting burial place, two sections of Riverside Cemetery have been set aside exclusively for the burial of pets and a third and fourth are planned. (Riverside Cemetery now allows for the burial of pet ashes in their human-owner's grave space.  See the office for details that apply.)

Riverside's pet burial lots are in two categories:  full-lots and half-lots.  


                               Full: 2ft x 3ft

                              Half: 2ft x 1.5ft

In this way smaller breeds can be accommodated and larger breeds can have needed space added on.  


   Standard FULL lot  $750                              

   Standard HALF lot  $300

   Burial either lot      $850

   Pet Ossuary for ashes   $50

   Plaque on Ossuary monument   $50

GPS & Mailing Address:

 81 Riverside Ave. ​

Norwalk, CT  06850

Call for assistance:

 203-847-7422 ​

We are open:

Mon-Fri    9:00 - 4:00.