GPS & Mailing Address:

 81 Riverside Ave. ​

Norwalk, CT  06850

Call for assistance:

 203-847-7422 ​

We are open:

Mon-Fri    9:00 - 4:00.

About Us



The Riverside Cemetery Association was founded in 1886 by a foresighted group of men headed by John H. Light.  The original purchase was for 40 acres of farmland, though additional tracts were eventually obtained until its present area of 57 acres was reached.  Located between and parrallel Spring Hill Avenue and the Norwalk River.  To this day there are active springs on the hill and in the Cemetery.  The Cemetery is classified as an ancient burial ground as it has existed as such for well over 100 years.  Today, members of the same founding family continue to direct it's affairs.   

It's Gate Lodge was built at the Cemetery entrance in 1899 and serves as a chapel and for administrative offices.  The Riverside Cemetery Association is a corporation and is governed by its Board of Directors and its shareholders.